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The Financial Planner Who Didn’t Kill Himself

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Jack and Bev invite you to join them at their cabin to have an intimate, in-person retreat. Enjoy a weekend filled with FUN, HEALING, and HOPE. As a follow-up to Jack’s new book, these weekends have been created to extend the story and allow others to experience life and light in the midst of pain, loss, loneliness, past regrets, or whatever darkness has dimmed the hope inside. Join us this Fall 2022!

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Suicide Is Not An Answer, It Just Passes The Pain Onto Somebody Else.

In this powerful conversation, Jack Oosterveld unpacks the powerful testimony that almost had him end it all.  Jack reveals absolute Truth and covers many areas including


Exceptional book! Highly Recommend!!

Wow, what an exceptional book! A must read that is truly inspiring and impacting!

– Tracy


A story of hope even in the darkest experiences

A challenging book that provides an open, gut-wrenchingly honest window into the heart of a man who loves God yet struggled deeply as the things that gave him identity and purpose were stripped from him. 

– Myron


A must read!

Absolutely a must-read! It is such a touching story about coming through a difficult situation. With the support of your faith, god will support you.

– Deanna

Meet the Author

Jack Oosterveld

Getting real and raw, Jack talks about his life-changing encounters with God and how God, ‘showed up, when he didn’t know how he could hang on any longer. Find out how upbringing plays a huge role in shaping your identity and how identity can determine how you handle the curve balls life throws at you. Learn how shame and embarrassment kept Jack in a ditch for several years before God carried him out and gave him hope and life again.

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